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Hobby Lobby


2019 Annual Revenue
$5.0 Billion

Forbes List of Largest Private Companies

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Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Corporate Profile

Hobby Lobby, Stores, Inc. owns and operates a chain of over 600 arts and craft stores throughout the United States, which are estimated to employ over 23,000 individuals. The average store is over 55,000 square feet, and offers more than 70,000 arts, crafts, hobbies, home decor, Holiday, and seasonal products. Hobby Lobby ranks 138th on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies, ahead of competitors Jo-Ann Stores, LLC, Hancock Fabrics, Inc., and The Michaels Companies, Inc. Hobby Lobby is privately held and does not carry any long-term debt. The company publicly attributes its ongoing success to God’s faithfulness and has established policies consistent with its owners’ Christian beliefs. The company has pledged to serve employees and their families through the work environment, a culture molded to build character, and operating procedures designed to facilitate a healthy work-life balance. Hobby Lobby typically closes at 8 p.m. every night and is closed on Sundays. It pays a minimum full-time hourly wage that is more than 90% above the federal standard, and offers a generous benefit plan that includes medical, dental, prescription drug, long-term disability, and life insurances. The company also substantially supports several charitable organizations and gives discounts to charities and schools.