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Client Testimonials

Gay Cooper

Huntington Beach, CA | Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Real Estate Investor

We have been with JRW for about 6 years. Our investments with them are in public storage, apartment complexes, high rise office units, a Macadamia nut farm, an industrial bldg and retail units. There is an old expression "no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." That exemplifies JRW...

Jan & Sam Palermo

Henderson, NV | Business Owners and Real Estate Investors

For the past 30 years, as a small business owner, my husband and I were able to contribute considerably within our own retirement accounts. However, as busy workaholics, we had to be dependent on the advice given to us, by various "Financial Planners". After many disappointing factors, from money put into High Cost Limited Partnerships, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Stocks & Bonds we realized that we could not trust and solely rely upon the self-interested advice of others to manage and be responsible for OUR long-term best interests. The past three year relationship with the most trusted advisory firm that we have ever encountered has been absolutely amazing..." I would say that the primary reason for the developed trust in the JRW firm, is the honesty, integrity and knowledge on behalf of their entire research and development team, the principles involved, and the efficient staff. For the first time in our investment history, I feel like we are working with a team that truly cares about protection and growth of our assets, as well as our personal well-being. That is a huge factor!!!!

Jack Stander

Los Angeles, CA; London; Thailand | Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Real Estate Investor

I've been invested through JRW Investments for 3 years. Right now, I'm in Thailand, enjoying my retirement knowing I have no concerns about my finances...Appreciate you and the way your company does business.

Gregory J. Zann

Miami, FL | Investment Banker, Commercial Real Estate Lender, and Portfolio Manager

As a CRE lender and portfolio manager for the past 12 years with major international banks, I was looking for an alternative investment manager with expertise in macroeconomics as well as real estate and alternative asset fundamentals to build and grow an investment portfolio...Service is second to none. It's been a pleasure to work with JRW over the past 3 years and I look forward to many more in the future.

Doug and Kirk Campbel

La Canada, CA | Former Real Estate Brokers, Private Equity and Real Estate Investors

Warren and Joshua have helped us build a productive alternative investment portfolio that is very complementary to our more traditional investment portfolio. We have used a number of firms in this space but, over the past couple of years, have moved almost all our non-traditional investments to their shop. I always take their call. The presentations are detailed, their thinking is clear and the due diligence is always complete.

Bruce Starr

San Diego, CA | Entrepreneur, Business Owner and former Apartment Owner

I want to thank you for your advice, attention, information for my portfolios, both for my existing investments, but also the tremendous help in the Net-Leased opportunities. I had virtually little knowledge about Net-Leased investments, because most of my associates are involved in other securities. We came out of a 1031 exchange and did not want to invest in apartments again...Any instance where we need help with the entity management, you and your staff have taken the responsibility to help in the transaction. Your company performed excellent service helping us satisfy our 1031 exchange requirements, including setting up LLCs, negotiating with the seller, the various utilities, tax and code issues... we thank you for joining us in inspecting the two most important properties to give us confidence in our transaction. Dealing with lawyers to make sure everything was done regarding our Trust and the normal issues of selling one property and transferring the assets into other properties maintaining the 1031 status. I strongly recommend JRW Investments Inc...

Dominick and Ximena Valenti

Houston, TX | Real Estate Owner, Developer, and Asset Manager of Self-Storage

I have been associated with Joshua Ungerecht since 2010 when we sold our self storage facility. At that time it was the largest deal we had ever done. To this day I don't know how I lucked out finding him but it was luck. We were going to do a 1031 exchange and I knew NOTHING about the exchange rules or the time frame to complete one. I was franticly looking for the right property to make sure I could find the safest and the right one to purchase. Joshua impressed me right away when we first met him. His attention to detail and his knowledge of the products he covered—whether it was a property, different loan types, or all of the exchange rules—he knew how to do it in great depth and detail.

...Our 45 day period was upon us, I was in touch with him daily and finally we chose two out of three choices that were with Joshua. All of the people that I have dealt with have been very respectful to my wife and me. Joshua, I look forward to many more endeavors with you and your company in future years to come. Thanks again

Anil Patel

Camarillo, CA | IT Consultant and Real Estate Investor

JRW makes sure that investments meet our goals, time horizon, and tolerance level. JRW does a thorough analysis of the investments recommended. They make sure all our questions are answered and that we feel comfortable before investing. I would highly recommend JRW.... I have my personal accounts, IRA and my both adult children invested with JRW.

Bob Wing

Durham, NC | Non-Profit Consultant and Real Estate Investor

...The JRW team have transformed my investing life in the six years that I have worked with them. They are also wonderful, caring people who are responsive, accessible, prompt and concerned about their clients' lives.

Arvind Trivedi

Fallbrook, CA | Floral Farm Owner and Entrepreneur

I found JRW via internet search. We have invested in a variety of investments such as Strip Centers, Mortgage securities, Oil wells and NNN investments involving 1031 and 1033 exchanges. I look forward to a long relationship for the future.

William Yee

Alhambra, CA | Retired Real Estate Broker and Active Investor

I have been investing in real estate, both in commercial and multi-family income properties for over 40 years. Almost all my assets are in self managed real estate. For the past six or seven years I have been liquidating some of my self- managed real estate holdings and have been exchanging into 1031 tax-deferred properties to free myself from the time involved with property management. I like real estate and also like to continue to invest in various forms of real estate via alternative investments. I have associated and invested with various financial advisors but found Joshua and Warren to be the best. Both Joshua and Warren are ethical and knowledgeable. Their recommendations and choice of investments are excellent. The entire JRW office staff follows their philosophy and put their clients first in every way. I have recommended my family and friends to Joshua and Warren and they are as happy as I am with JRW. I will also pass on my experience with JRW to any new prospective investor.

Woody Crider

Allen, TX | Retired Regional Bank President

...I wish to thank you and JRW for helping me invest my retirement funds As the very low interest rates and unreliable stock market was not dependable, investments with JRW have filled my needs.

Harold B. Nachtrieb

Lakewood, CO | CFA and Former Chief Investment Officer of the City of Los Angeles

Joshua, Warren and the diligent, and competent associates at JRW have provided essential and unique investment solutions to best meet the wishes and preferences for our family. The revocable trust has the investment objective of providing a "balance between capital appreciation and current income with stability of principal". As with many private client investors, tax constraints are a material limitation given low basis real estate, common stock, and other legacy holdings. As a former HNW bank trust portfolio manager, many such fiduciaries prefer to offer "industry standard" and tax-damaging homogeneous fixes such as in-house mutual funds or turnover prone model-based equity portfolios, just like putting a square peg into a round hole.

Due to the prevailing federal and state capital gains tax environment, the grantor was seeking an investment solution that would allow the sale of low tax basis concentrated investment property exposure that provided limited income and a substantial systematic and idiosyncratic market risk in favor of an investment consistent with established "balanced" investment policy. Joshua and his team proposed an IRC 1031 exchange with diversified replacement property backed by investment grade credit lessees in a Delaware Statutory Trust legal structure. Joshua conducts independent and objective quantitative and fundamental research on many NNN investments, which have BBB or better rated fixed income like characteristics, and boils down prospective candidates that offer the greatest projected risk/reward tradeoff.

His staff has guided us as first-time and current clients through the administrative steps with the Qualified Intermediary and others to prudently close on multiple transactions. JRW is available to assist our family in tax depreciation planning, record-keeping and annual tax reporting needs consistent with current regulations; the firm has been proactive in suggesting subsequent 1031 or 721 strategies in conjunction with expert outside legal advisors to best meet the tactical and strategic goals of our family.

We wish to thank JRW for their care and loyalty and the prudent wealth management of our family.